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Saturday 25th February - Keith Hornblower - London Scenes in Watercolour        £65        

Keith's approach to watercolour is lively and entertaining,
de-mystifying the medium and dispelling the fear of white paper.
He will talk at length about colour theory and how to simplify it, perspective, composition etc., but most importantly tone, or value, to make a painting bursting with light.


Painting by Keith Hornblower

Saturday 18th March - Keith Morton - Paint a Portrait in Watercolour         £65

More techniques and tips from Keith will unlock this often daunting subject. Keith will hone your skills to create a painting that really does look like your subject!  Plenty of one to one help in this workshop.


Painting by Keith Morton

Saturday 1st April - Jake Winkle - "Puffins & Flamingos" - Watercolour                  £65

Suitable for all levels, Jake takes us step by step to produce a great painting using vibrant watercolours in his special style that captures the character of the subject.


Painting by Jake Winkle

Saturday 29th April - Mark Fennell - "Mirror Image" - Oil or Acrylics       £65

"Mirror Image" - time for a cold unflattering self examination!
Learn some useful techniques on how to paint a self portrait in oils or acrylics.  During the day we will start by learning how to 'block-in' the painting, then move on to building up the portrait, working tonally and mixing all the flesh tones you need, using only four primary colours.
(If you can't face a self portrait then bring along another subject reference - but worth giving it a go!)


Self Portrait by Mark Fennell

Saturday 14th October -  - People and Movement - Acrylics/Oils   £65

Jamel always brings brilliant new ideas for us to paint with particular emphasis on movement in painting. His enthusiasm for colour and loose, but accurate paintings inspires everyone to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new.


Painting by Jamel Akib

Saturday 4th November - Claire Warner - "Misty Morning" - Watercolour              £65

Suitable for all abilities, in this watercolour workshop Claire will demonstrate step-by-step how to create mood to produce a great painting.


Painting by Claire Warner